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SEO Tips to Keep Growing Your Web Traffic in 2017

By Ian Callanan | January 5, 2017 at 11:39 AM

The Internet is rapidly developing into the primary marketing channel for small businesses. This seismic shift in marketing strategies has been intimidating and confusing to most small business owners who want to promote their businesses. Instead of thinking about print, radio or television advertising, business owners have to understand search engines, social media and other online forms of communication. A few good SEO tips for 2017 can point you in the right direction to make your marketing more effective in this new year.

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5 Mistakes to Avoid in PPC Advertising

By Ian Callanan | August 23, 2016 at 11:00 AM

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4 More Ways You Can Boost Visitors with PPC Advertising and SEO

By Ian Callanan | August 9, 2016 at 11:00 AM

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6 Ways PPC Marketing and SEO Work Better Together

By Ian Callanan | July 26, 2016 at 11:00 AM

Oftentimes, people think of pay-per-click (PPC) and search engine optimization (SEO) as being two totally separate and independent marketing strategies. Sure, they are different in a number of different ways. But, they are also very similar in that they both relate to searches. In fact, the two strategies work extremely well together. It is because of this that you should focus on using both PPC advertising and SEO together to create a more successful marketing strategy. Check out some of the different ways that your business can benefit from using these two powerful tools together.

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5 Ways That PPC Ads Can Help Improve Your SEO

By Ian Callanan | July 12, 2016 at 11:00 AM

PPC (pay per click) advertising can be an effective way to promote your products, services, events or even content. It's a cost-effective way to bring in inorganic traffic since you only pay for the clicks your ads receive, which means you're only paying for results. Unfortunately, it's often dismissed as a marketing strategy because many believe it to be inferior to the organic traffic that SEO brings in. What they don't understand is that PPC ads can actually be used to help strengthen your SEO strategy. The following are a number of ways in which PPC and SEO can be used as complementary efforts:

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5 Proven Tools for Managing & Growing Your Email List

By Ian Callanan | April 8, 2016 at 10:30 AM

Which news do you want first, good or bad?

Let's go with the bad news first: Every year databases used for email marketing naturally lose around 22.5% annually.

Subscribers switch email companies, they stop using old email addresses or they might just opt out of your email communication, and they will probably not be back ever again.

Eventbrite and HubSpot did a survey recently that showed the best marketing tool that event organizers have available is email, news that will make some people uncomfortable. More subscribers always translate into more sales.

Ok that was the bad news now here’s the good news...

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The Best Website Tips For Driving Traffic, Sales and More

By Katie Arbulu | March 28, 2016 at 11:00 AM

If you're a serious business in these modern times, then you know the importance of having and maintaining a website for your services. What you may not know is that a lot of the information you need to succeed is already out there. In this article, we'll be introducing you to some of the best website tips for driving traffic to your website.

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7 SEO Myths To Leave Behind

By Ian Callanan | March 15, 2016 at 11:56 AM

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, can be a difficult subject for the uninitiated to grasp. Before we go over our SEO tips, let's take a moment to talk about what SEO actually is before we continue.

Search Engine Optimization is the practice of optimizing your website and web pages for search engines, but most especially Google. Big words that come up when SEO is being discussed include "ranking", "keyword density", and more. While it's true that good SEO will facilitate a higher rank in search results, content needs a lot more than just optimal keyword density to perform well on the modern Internet.

Let's go over seven prominent myths about SEO, and a few SEO tips to steer you away from them.

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Better Web Design by using Growth Driven Design

By Ian Callanan | March 10, 2016 at 4:30 PM

So you're a business or agency owner agonizing over web design. Or maybe you aren't agonizing, but you very clearly remember agonizing during the long process of having a well-made site created for you and your business. In either case, you're here now, and you're going to learn that, yes, there is a better way.

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9 New Business Triggers That Signal It's Time to Reconnect With a Prospect

By Ian Callanan | January 21, 2016 at 2:00 PM

Understanding trigger events is among the most valuable skills a sales rep can possess.

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